Orthopaedic Footwear / Your feet are our concern.

The technology of extremely specialised orthopaedic shoes is POHLIG’s most recent area of activity. Together with POHLIG’s power of innovation and experience in orthopaedic technique, care methods have been devised that are absolutely innovative.

Painful feet are a widespread problem. One person in three complains of this type of problem. In order to relieve the pain points of feet or those affected by sores and to reduce the load points, precise data are needed. The measuring method carried out by our laboratory, which is dedicated to ambulation research, is new and in future will be normal practice. The electronic measuring system of the pressure and angulation of the lower limbs examines the patient’s feet and defines with precision the areas of load and incorrect movements. This method enables excellent results to be obtained as regards individual adaptation of the human foot, even in complicated cases like those of patients with diabetes.

The precise measurement of the pressures of the foot is being increasingly used also in leisure and sports activities, for example, in footwear for running, tennis and golf.

In this way any type of footwear can be fitted with an individual foot base. Comparing this new method with the orthopaedic technique methods practised previously, a considerable advantage can be seen: first, the inner soles were made by hand as a unique piece; nowadays it is possible to create complete technical documentation and memorise the data with a view to future updates. Supplying “updated” inner soles, completed on the basis of information gained from shoes worn for a certain period, is not a problem.