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    Treatment solutions
    Prostheses for foot, leg & hip
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Foot and toe prosthesis

These prostheses serve as a functional and cosmetic replacement for the missing foot region.

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Lower leg prosthesis

This prosthesis consists of a shaft and a foot part.

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Knee disarticulation prosthesis

This type of prosthesis replaces the lower leg, including the knee joint.

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Above knee prosthesis

This prosthesis consists of a shaft, knee joint, lower leg and foot part.

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Running prosthesis

An individual running prosthesis system allows you to do sports again.

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Bathing prosthesis

A bathing prosthesis is suitable for use in damp rooms, wet rooms, baths and swimming.

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Hip disarticulation prosthesis

In a hip disarticulation prosthesis, the entire prosthesis is controlled via the pelvis or pelvic shaft.

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Interdisciplinary consultation

Prosthesis consultation

Are you having problems with your current prosthesis treatment? If so, we would like to invite you to our interdisciplinary prosthesis consultation. Take advantage of the opportunity to get free, no-obligation advice from our team of experts!

Our orthopedic master technician Olaf Gawron will advise you together with Dr. Michael Sauer (Viasana, Speyer) at the three different Pohlig locations: Munich, Nuremberg and Heidelberg.


Self-help groups, user meetings, trade magazines. Here you get to know people who are similar to you!

Patient stories

Our YouTube channel includes a number of different and engaging stories from patients with prosthetic legs.

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Unique individual piece

It’s all about the shaft!

Each prosthesis has a shaft that incorporates the stump. As a direct link between humans and prosthesis technology, the shaft plays a central role in prosthesis treatment. Depending on requirements, additionally industrially manufactured components can be attached to the shaft (knee joint, foot part, etc.).
We manufacture each prosthesis shaft individually. Depending on the field of application, the condition of the stump, the degree of activity and many other aspects, we will work with you to select the right shaft concept and suitable fitting parts and will be there to assist you competently at all times.

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Let yourself be inspired! We follow many interesting patients during their Pohlig appointment and give you personal insights.


For those who want to delve even deeper into the subject, we have a suitable video for almost every area of treatment!


Take a look behind the scenes at Pohlig and learn about different health conditions and our innovative assistive technology solutions!


Sometimes funny, sometimes explanatory, sometimes emotional - but above all always entertaining: our videos on TikTok!

Skiing and snowboarding with prosthesis

The Pohlig Winter Sports Event 2017

Treatment of phantom pain

Case description of a prosthetic treatment with a PBSS thigh shaft with integrated acupressors for phantom pain treatment (N. Comer, H. Engberg, K. Pohlig, M. Schäfer).


Our physiotherapists are trained, certified and specialized in training with prostheses. Our strengths are user training and targeted training, such as with a microprocessor-controlled knee.