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Dear customers, doctors, therapists and parents,we have good news for all customers as well as for all involved in our interdisciplinary network. For over 100 years, Pohlig has been a specialist in individual orthopedic solutions for people with handicaps, especially for newborns and children.

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Constantly on the lookout for better and better solutions to improve the quality of life of our patients, we are now taking the next big step and opening a new chapter in our company history. As a member of the world's largest care network mit über 400 locations, we can now combine our strengths with the best PatientCare companies in Western Europe and around the world, among others.

This network includes renowned companies such as Dorset Orthopaedic (Großbritannien), Vigo (Belgien), Livit (Niederlande), Respecta (Finnland), Aktiv (Schweden), Chabloz (Frankreich) or John+Bamberg und Brillinger in Germany.

Together, we at have more than 1.000 years of PatientCare experience, versorgen über 550.000 patients per year and can draw on the latest technologies and the expertise of more than 4.000 employees.

Together, we can now combine our knowledge, our technologies and our care expertise to search even more intensively for unique solutions for our patients.

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We recently underwent a rebranding process and changed our logo because we are now part of the global patient care network "".

However, we can assure you that we still offer the same products and services as before the name change. is a care network with more than 400 locations worldwide. In addition to Pohlig, other leading orthopaedic technology companies are also part of this network. The aim is to share the latest technologies and expertise in order to further improve patient care in the future.

No, there are no changes to our products and services. We will continue to provide the same high-quality care and support to our patient:s as we have in the past. The only difference is that we are now part of a larger network, which means we can offer our patients even more resources and support.

We started our rebranding in early June, but behind the scenes we've been planning it for a while.

No, as always, we select the best individual supply solution for you. Regardless of the manufacturer of the respective products.


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