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What are positioning systems?

Individual positioning systems support your lying position.

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Positioning systems

Positioning systems support you passively in your lying positions. In particular, those with cerebral palsy in GMFCS classes IV and V often cannot change their lying position independently. This results in position-related deformities. Adequate positioning care should prevent the progression of deformities and create one or more comfortable, tonus-regulating positions for the patient. Pressure points should also be avoided.

Depending on the position in which the patient is placed, a distinction is made between supine, prone and lateral positioning systems. For patients who sleep in different positions and need to be repositioned at night, alternating systems are advisable to allow different lying positions. In this case, a padded positioning system is produced that enables up to four sleeping positions (supine/back, prone/stomach, lateral/side position right, lateral/side position left). The system can be converted in just a few seconds by simply adding in the individual elements. The necessary positions are always determined in consultation with your therapist.