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    Orthopedic technology
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Why physiotherapy?

In order to make optimal use of your orthosis or prosthesis in everyday life, it is a good idea to receive training from a physiotherapist.

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Interdisciplinary cooperation

Physiotherapy and orthopedic technology

We attach great importance to the close cooperation between orthopedic technology and physiotherapy. Our experienced physiotherapists will therefore accompany you step by step during the fittings.

This will not only make you feel safe when using your orthopedic device, but will also ensure that you get the most out of your treatment!

Our physiotherapists are qualified in the following therapy and training techniques:

  • Vojta therapy
  • Pediatric Bobath and manual therapy
  • Club foot treatment with techniques according to Barbara Zukunft-Huber and from manual therapy
  • Training and first steps with orthoses under neurophysiological aspects in children and adults with neurological disorders
  • Training with myoelectric arm prostheses (Ottobock, Touchbionics, Bebionic and ACMC certified)
  • Walking school with leg amputees with and without microprocessor-controlled knee joints (e.g. C-Leg, Kenevo, Genium, Helix)

Consultation for shoe and insert treatments.

All a matter of practice!

Physiotherapy for orthosis and prosthesis wearers

Will you be treated with an orthosis or prosthesis at our company? Our physiotherapists will assist you during the fitting of your new device. They check that everything is correctly positioned and train you in the use of your orthosis or prosthesis in day-to-day living.

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Physical therapy for wearers of orthoses

We will make you fit to deal with your orthosis!

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Prosthetic physical therapy

Learn how to use your prosthesis correctly in everyday life.

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