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    Orthosis for spina bifida patients
What is a self-powered orthosis?

PowerHip® works using one’s own power supplied from the legs. This is transferred to the hips.


A PRINTORTHESE® is an orthotic aid created in a 3D printer.

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Mobile through power transmission

New orthosis for spina bifida patients

The PowerHip® self-powered orthosis was primarily developed for children with spina bifida. The device, which is individually adapted to the patient’s body and created using 3D printing, transfers the force from the mostly strong knees of the child to the weak hip. This means that the orthosis actively stretches the hips – using its own leg strength!

Many children with spina bifida can move better because of the PowerHip®, and are more mobile overall.

When muscle strength is lacking

Symptoms of spina bifida

Patients with spina bifida (also MMC or open back) often suffer from limitations of their musculoskeletal system. It is not uncommon for scoliosis, joint contractures (especially on the lower extremities) and foot malpositions to occur. Hip dysplasias (false positioning of the hip head in the acetabulum) or even dislocations of the hips (hip luxation) are observed relatively often. These symptoms primarily affect spina bifida patients in terms of their mobility and independence.

The concrete effects of spina bifida on the joints – and in particular on the hips – depend on the level of paralysis. The higher the opening on the child’s back, the more severe the symptoms of paralysis.

Consequences of paralysis are in turn malpositions and muscle imbalances in the hip, knee and ankle joints. As a result, spina bifida patients often experience reduced or absent muscle activity in the hip.

PowerHip® - Orthese für Spina bifida Patienten | © Pohlig GmbH
PowerHip® Orthese - Spina bifida | © Pohlig GmbH

One orthosis, many benefits

PowerHip® makes you strong!

This is where our newly developed self-powered orthosis kicks in: it transmits the force from the knees to the hips, thus creating an active hip extension.

Advantages of the PowerHip® self-powered orthosis:

  • Improvement of the gait pattern
  • Seating possibility with orthosis in a wheelchair due to the slim design
  • Extremely light and flexible materials thanks to the 3D printing process
  • Air permeability
  • Dividing the self-powered orthosis into individual segments: the lower leg orthosis can be worn independently of the hip or pelvis section
  • Use of the orthosis for training and therapy, as it strengthens various muscle areas