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    Wearers of orthoses

Physiotherapy for wearers of orthoses

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As part of your orthotic treatment, a team of qualified physiotherapists, orthopedic technicians and doctors will be on hand to assist you. In interdisciplinary exchange, everything is in place to ensure optimal care for you.

We are happy to provide you with new impulses and ideas for therapy and are available as a contact person for all aspects of therapy with your new treatment at home.

During your stay with us, our physiotherapists offer you:

  • Preparatory measures for a successful trial or for a scan or plaster cast. These include mobilizing and stretching joints and muscles, as well as decongestive measures and other soft tissue techniques.
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  • Support of the first standing and walking trials through to gait training with the new aid
  • Exercises to acclimatize to orthopedic care
  • Physiotherapeutic exercises to train strength, posture and movement skills, as well as balance and coordination
  • Develop a home exercise program, tailored to your goals
  • Selection of aids such as walkers, supports and stands when needed for fitting
  • Testing the new product on the treadmill
Scoliosis? Ask Melli!

Physiotherapy for patients
with corset

In the series “Scoliosis? Ask Melli!" our physiotherapist Melli explains the different types of scoliosis and shows you practical exercises that you can do at home.


Let yourself be inspired! We accompany many interesting patients during their Pohlig appointment and give you personal insights.


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