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What happens to you after an amputation?

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What prostheses are there?

We present the different prostheses for foot, leg and hip.

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Leg prosthetics

Our physiotherapists accompany your prosthesis treatment in close cooperation with the orthopedic technician. Walking training with the new prosthesis forms our core work in leg prosthetics.

Our physiotherapeutic services:

  • support of the orthopedic technician in making a diagnosis. Using a digital medical history form, data can be recorded and requirements for the new equipment can be filtered and implemented.
  • collection of the degree of mobility, testing of fitting parts and documentation for the agency assuming the costs.
  • compression therapy (manual lymphatic drainage, stump wrapping, stump care), the first walking and standing exercises as well as the training for putting on are therapeutically accompanied, if necessary.
  • video-supported gait analysis makes it possible to analyze walking errors and work on them together. This involves using very general therapeutic measures such as joint mobilization, strength build-up, balance training and the development of individual gait phases with and without aids.
  • an individual home exercise program can provide the best possible support for your care result. Particular focus is placed on training everyday activities, such as learning to walk on stairs or dealing with uneven surfaces.




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