• Prosthesis consultation
    Interdisciplinary consulting

What is the prosthesis consultation?

The prosthesis consultation is similar to a consultation on fitting concepts. We provide advice:

  • free of charge
  • in detail in 1 hour appointments.
  • Together as a team: you, possibly your relatives, our highly experienced master orthopaedic technician Olaf Gawron, Dr. med. Michael Sauer (Viasana, Speyer), possibly a responsible technician and physiotherapist from the respective branch.



  • all-encompassing: Together, we will discuss your residual limb and general physical conditions, your goals and wishes, your possible dissatisfaction with the past or current fitting and analyze possible reasons for this.
    The next step is to discuss together what can, should or must be changed in order to improve the fitting. What is special here is that we not only find professionally sound and technically feasible solutions, but also discuss the feasibility of these care concepts with you with regard to the cost bearer.
  • non-binding: We offer you detailed, well-founded care proposals that you can take home with you without any obligation to us. You may want to sleep on it for a few days, check it out again yourself, discuss it with your technician or come back to us to implement it - it's entirely up to you.


Are you having problems with your current prosthesis treatment?

Then come to our prosthesis consultation!

Briefly & concisely explained

Questions about the prosthesis consultation

The prosthesis consultation is aimed at anyone whose current fitting is causing them problems, who is considering an amputation or whose questions about alternative fitting options have not yet been answered.

The aim of the consultation is to discuss detailed, targeted and well-founded solutions to a wide range of questions and problems together as a team. Our intention is to create proposed solutions in accordance with health insurance contracts/your cost bearer in order to reduce the technical, professional and bureaucratic barriers to optimal care. However, we cannot, of course, guarantee that costs will be covered at a later date.

You will be present with possibly 1-2 accompanying persons that you would like to bring along from your close environment. We will be joined by our highly experienced master orthopaedic technician Olaf Gawron, Dr. Michael Sauer (Viasana, Speyer), your potentially responsible technician and a physiotherapist from the respective branch.

This interdisciplinary composition allows us to discuss all factors that contribute to optimal care in detail and with great expertise.

Our experienced team:

Michael Sauer, MD

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

Dr. Sauer deals with all acute and chronic diseases, as well as injuries to the musculoskeletal system. In addition to classic orthopedics and sports medicine, he also develops therapeutic concepts in the areas of chirotherapy, neural therapy and men’s medicine (CMI). He is also a micronutrient and burn-out consultant.

Olaf Gawron

Master of Orthopedic Technology, Pohlig GmbH

Olaf Gawron specialized in the treatment of leg amputations early on at an accident clinic run by the employers’ liability insurance association. At Pohlig, he has overall responsibility for lower and upper limb prosthetics. For over 15 years, Olaf Gawron has regularly given presentations at advanced training events and specialist congresses.

Free prosthetic consultation

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