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Above knee prosthesis

This prosthesis consists of a shaft, knee joint, lower leg and foot part.

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We train you in the daily use of your above knee prosthesis.

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Above knee prosthesis with PBSS shaft

If the femur is cut above the knee joint as part of an amputation, a above knee (AK) prosthesis is used (also referred to as a transfemoral prosthesis). It consists of a shaft that includes the stump, a knee joint, a lower leg part and a foot part. If desired, the prosthesis can be cosmetically clad.

As a direct link between humans and prosthesis technology, the shaft system plays the central role in prosthesis treatment. Because traditional shaft solutions could not satisfy us, we have created a shaft with unprecedented precision and fit: The Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS). This innovative shaft system allows the user to handle various everyday situations more actively, painlessly and comfortably than with previous shaft systems.

Interim prosthesis for lower limb amputees

Frequently asked questions

An interim prosthesis is a temporary prosthesis. In the first few months after a leg amputation, the conditions of the residual limb can still change considerably. The interim prosthesis, also called provisional prosthesis, is used to bridge this phase.

The socket of the interim prosthesis (i.e. the connecting piece between the person and the technology) is not initially made of carbon so that it can be easily adapted to the ever-changing shape of the leg stump during the "trial period". In the case of freshly amputated patients, the circumference of the leg stump is reduced during the first few months. This is due to the healing process of the wound and the reduction of the swelling. In addition, the user can test different fitting parts (e.g. knee joints or different foot parts) during the 6-month interim phase, which are then installed in the final prosthesis. The fit of the prosthesis socket is repeatedly improved by our orthopedic technicians during the interim phase so that as few fitting problems as possible occur with the definitive prosthesis with carbon socket.

How quickly you learn to walk with a prosthesis depends on many different factors. These include, for example

  • the wound healing on the residual limb,
  • the accuracy of fit of the prosthesis,
  • one's own resilience,
  • the rehabilitation,
  • the muscle building
  • etc.

Some users can walk from A to B relatively safely within a few days of receiving their interim prosthesis, while for others this process takes several weeks.

The Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS)

The innovative PBSS shaft system enables the user to cope with different everyday situations more actively, painlessly and comfortably than with previous shaft systems.

After a medical study carried out in cooperation with Pohlig, in some cases existing pain with a PBSS prosthesis shaft could be significantly reduced. Phantom pain has also been positively influenced in many cases.

Also, additional functional units (add-ons) allow the PBSS shaft to be more specifically adapted to the user’s specific needs.

C-Leg by Ottobock

Mehmet walks with two transfemoral prostheses

Mehmet walks to school every day. In summer and in winter. Without legs. The 16-year-old wants to become a doctor when he grows up and help patients with deformities or amputations. He wears his two prostheses every day - even in school sports.

His electronic knee joint from Ottobock (C-Leg) dynamically adjusts to various everyday situations. The integrated trip protection provides even more safety when walking and standing with the prosthesis.


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