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Bathing prosthesis

A bathing prosthesis is suitable for use in damp rooms, wet rooms, baths and swimming.

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Patient stories

Marlene is a little super-athlete. She swims like a mermaid with her bathing prosthesis.

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Non-slip and waterproof

With a prosthesis to the pool

In Germany, each prosthesis wearer has a legal entitlement to a bathing prosthesis. This can be used in both salt and fresh water.

Which shaft system is best for you depends on many factors. Your amputation level, your age, your stump length and the desired area of application, for example, play a major role. Whether you’re a professional swimmer or a wading pool fan: We address your specific requirements and develop an individual treatment concept.

By the way: Users often express the desire to personalize the bathing prosthesis in order to better identify with the aid. We can also make bathing prostheses that look like a shark head or covered with special decorative fabrics – there are no limits to our creativity! ;)

Patient story

Dimitri's new start with a prosthesis

He actually just wanted to spend a nice evening with friends - but then everything changes: novice driver Dimitri gets into a car accident. After several months in a coma, he thinks he has overcome the worst. But Dimitri's left leg just won't heal...

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