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    Myoelectric arm prosthesis
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Why a myoelectric arm prosthesis?

Myoelectric control allows you to actively grasp objects.

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We train you in the everyday use of your myoelectric arm prosthesis.

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Myoelectric arm prosthesis

Muscle-signal-driven prosthesis

A myoelectrically controlled arm prosthesis returns various natural functions to your hand. Whether you need a treatment from your shoulder, upper arm or forearm, we provide you with a tailor-made solution.

The electronic hand is controlled by the muscles (= "myo"): electrodes positioned in the prosthesis shaft record the contraction of the muscles present in the stump and translate them into hand movements. Different grips can be used in this way, depending on the hand or control system. Driving a car, handicraft work, and much more can be taken up again with a myoelectric arm prosthesis – combined with ambition and consistent training.

Course of treatment

Here is an overview of the typical procedure for prosthesis treatment at POHLIG.

How much does a prosthesis cost?

The cost of a prosthesis depends on several factors.

Components of a myoelectrically controlled arm prosthesis

Shaft: The
arm stump is enclosed in a custom-made shaft. This shaft plays a central role as it acts as a direct link between the user and the prosthetic technology. In order to make wearing the prosthesis as comfortable as possible, you will receive an inner shaft made of HTV silicone. Thanks to the silicone, the shaft is flexible, skin-friendly and comfortable. In addition, hardly any sweat forms inside the shaft. The material is easy to clean and has very good adhesion properties.
Control system:
depending on requirements, we integrate different control systems into the arm prosthesis:
  • TMR (Targeted Muscle Reinnervation)

Users who receive TMR treatment can perform hand, wrist and elbow movements simultaneously after training has been successfully completed.

  • Pattern recognition system

A personalized app is used to store individual movement patterns of the prosthesis user, to which the prosthesis responds. A variety of grip patterns are possible.

  • Conventional two-electrode control

Opening and closing takes place in the respective grip type using direct control. Additional hand movements are possible via switch-over signals.

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Hand fitting part:

an industrially manufactured hand fitting part is located at the end of the shaft. It is selected depending on the individual requirements of the prosthesis wearer. We provide our patients with hand-fitting parts from different manufacturers:

  • Multi-articulating hands have individual motors in all fingers, which enable precise, natural gripping.
  • System hands can open and close.
POHLIG in the middle of it all

High-tech prosthesis for farming work

You have to look twice when Wolfgang feeds his 40 cows, drives the tractor over the field or clears the stable. The young farmer from Upper Bavaria wears a myoelectric arm prosthesis.

Three years ago, a tragic work accident occurred on the idyllic farm – Wolfgang’s right forearm got caught in a machine and had to be amputated immediately. After amputation, POHLIG fits an individually manufactured arm prosthesis. Since then, the young farmer has continued as if nothing had ever happened. Excellent medical care, family support and support from POHLIG’s orthopedic technology helped Wolfgang master his fate and emerge from it stronger.

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Hofarbeit mit Armprothese | © Pohlig GmbH
We’ll make you fit for daily life!


We hold a MyoCamp event for young prosthetic arm users every two years. Together with a competent team of physiotherapists and orthopedics technicians, we provide fun ways of learning how to use the myoelectric arm prosthesis..

The popular camp usually lasts several days and offers children and their parents an excellent opportunity to make new contacts or meet friends again.

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Passive arm prosthesis

In the case of the passive arm prosthesis (also cosmetic prosthesis), external appearance is the priority.

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Hand and partial hand prosthesis

Hand and partial hand prostheses are divided into passive, myoelectrically controlled, and work prostheses.

Trade fair appearance at the DGH Congress

Wolfgang experiments

Trade article

Experience with the use of an innovative new system for grip pattern recognition in forearm prosthetics

Authors: M. Schäfer, F. Muders, S. Kunz, K. Laassidi
Source: ORTHOPÄDIE-TECHNIK 06/19, Verlag Orthopädie-Technik Dortmund