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    Prostheses for finger, hand & arm
    Hand and partial hand prosthesis
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Hand prosthesis

If the hand needs to be amputated to the wrist, this is called wrist disarticulation. A hand prosthesis replaces the entire hand.

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Partial hand prosthesis

All procedures between a finger amputation and a hand amputation are called partial hand amputations. Partial hand prostheses replace individual fingers or thumbs as well as parts of the hand.

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Finger prosthesis

Finger prostheses realistically reproduce individual missing fingers.

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Trial prosthesis

Henriette wears a prosthesis for the first time

Henriette was born with a congenital malformation (dysmelia) of her left hand. Four of her fingers are severely shortened, only the thumb is fully formed. Until now, the teenager had managed quite well without a prosthesis, but her desire for an aid that looked very much like a real hand grew stronger and stronger. In addition, Henriette wants to learn golf and is active in sailing. The length of the prosthetic fingers is an advantage for certain hand movements.

Henriette is currently wearing a trial prosthesis with which she is testing various everyday situations. The student will receive the final partial hand prosthesis - with fingernails that she can paint - at her next Pohlig appointment.