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    Passive arm prosthesis
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What is a passive arm prosthesis?

With this deceptively realistic-looking prosthesis, the focus is on appearance.

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We train you in the everyday use of your passive arm prosthesis.

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Passive Armprothese

Cosmetically perfected

The passive arm prosthesis

In contrast to a myoelectrically controlled arm prosthesis, which reacts to the muscle signals of its wearer, the external appearance of the passive arm prosthesis (also cosmetic prosthesis) takes center stage. With this prosthesis, it is possible to get a tight grip when handling a utensil or tool. In addition, the passive arm prosthesis fulfils the following functions:

  • it restores your physical appearance (cosmetic)
  • It helps you to master your everyday life without any
  • help. Thanks to its lifelike appearance, the prosthesis helps you to achieve a confident appearance.
  • Wearing the prosthesis prevents postural damage and imbalance disorders, which can occur due to the lack of weight of the missing arm.
Course of treatment

Here is an overview of the typical procedure for prosthesis treatment at POHLIG.

How much does a prosthesis cost?

The cost of a prosthesis depends on several factors.

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Myoelectric arm prosthesis

A myoelectrically controlled arm prosthesis returns various natural functions to your hand. The electronic hand can perform different types of grips.

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Hand and partial hand prosthesis

Hand and partial hand prostheses are divided into passive, myoelectrically controlled, and work prostheses.