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An orthosis is used to stabilize, relieve, immobilize, guide or correct limbs or the torso.

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A prosthesis is a visual replacement for a limb and performs various functions of the missing part of the body.

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In the event of malformation, an orthoprosthesis compensates for the shorter length of the leg and, if necessary, provides corrective support.

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Everyday aids

Personal everyday aids are used to treat amputations or congenital deformities on upper extremities.

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POHLIG Heidelberg

We offer orthopedic technology at our Heidelberg branch. It is located in the western district of Wieblingen.

Waldhofer Str. 98
69123 Heidelberg
Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Tel.: +49 6221 751 64 11

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Corona measures

As part of the essential critical infrastructure serving the healthcare system, we can ensure that you receive all the necessary care from us, even during these difficult times. The following page summarizes all the important rules that must be observed when you visit us.

Patient mit Physiotherapeutin beim Training

Our company practices tight-knight cooperation between orthopedic technology and physiotherapy on a daily basis. Our experienced physiotherapists will accompany you step by step during the fitting process. This not only gives you a sense of security, but also ensures that your treatment benefits you as much as possible.

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Interdisciplinary consultation

Prosthesis consultation

Are you having problems with your current prosthesis treatment? If so, we would like to invite you to our interdisciplinary prosthesis consultation. Take advantage of the opportunity to get free, no-obligation advice from our team of experts!

Our orthopedic master technician Olaf Gawron will advise you together with Dr. Michael Sauer (Viasana, Speyer) at the three different Pohlig locations: Munich, Nuremberg and Heidelberg.

First we simulate the tool – then we make it

Correction simulation with SimBrace®

SimBrace®: Korrektursimulation einer Orthese ohne Gipsabdruck | © Pohlig GmbH

SimBrace® is an innovative process that allows you to verify the corrective function of the orthosis before it is manufactured for the patient. Thanks to modern scanning technology, we can dispense with the usually unpleasant plaster cast, such as that in corset manufacturing.

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Clinical pictures

Even though we also care for adults, child orthopedics is especially important to us. Children with a disability or deformity also want to be active and explore the world. We would like to help them be able to do this to the best of our ability.

We are intensively active in providing assistive aids for the following illnesses:

infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), spina bifida (MMC), dysmelia, foot deformities, scoliosis, pigeon chest, paralysis.

Now also available as PRINTORTHESE®


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The new AFO

The advantages of a printed ankle-foot orthosis compared to a conventional polypropylene orthosis are its low weight, thin-walled, durable surface and aesthetic design.

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The new PHAO

In cooperation with the Aschau Children’s Clinic, we developed a dynamic abduction orthosis that enables restful sleep. The PHAO (Pohlig Hip Abduction Orthosis) keeps the hips in the necessary medical abduction position, but only restricts the mobility of hip and knee joints as much as is absolutely necessary.