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    Patient story
    Julia’s first experiences with running prostheses
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What is a running prosthesis?

The running prosthesis has carbon spring feet that you can use to jog or sprint.

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What is an above knee prosthesis?

This prosthesis consists of a shaft, knee joint, lower leg and foot part.

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We accompanied Julia

Jogging and running with dysmelia

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Julia’s clinical picture

Julia has had dysmelia from birth, affecting all four limbs. The young woman was born without a lower leg and knee, and therefore has two long thigh stumps. There was initially only one finger on each of her two spoon-like hands. Four additional fingers were subsequently surgically manufactured. Despite her disability, the athlete only feels limited in certain situations. For example, she finds it difficult to put on and take off her prostheses alone. This is mainly due to the fact that her left elbow is only partially movable and her right elbow is stiff.

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Initial experiences with the running prostheses

Despite her physical limitations, Julia pays attention to walking at least three times a week – in balance with her job and intensive training as a para-dressage rider. Two running prostheses make it possible for her to exercise not only on the horse, but also at last on the ground. She can't believe her luck because she had to fight for these two prostheses in court for a long time. It took a whole five years for the athlete to finally be able to commission her running prostheses.

Today, almost a year later, Julia’s longest route is already 6 km. She prefers to meet up with friends for jogging – then the motivation is greater.  Sometimes, however, she does a few laps alone or takes her lively dog, an Australian Shepherd, with her. The serious sportswoman compares the running feel with two prostheses to a trampoline that catapults her forward.

The sports knee joint of her prostheses allows very precise adjustments of the take-off phase. The carbon spring (1E91 Runner from Ottobock) as a foot fitting part optimally absorbs Julia’s force and releases it explosively.

In her everyday life, the competitive athlete uses a C-Leg with a Triton foot from Ottobock. In a direct comparison, Julia finds her running prostheses to be lighter and more dynamic, but also a bit more wobbly, of course. The everyday prostheses, on the other hand, give her a greater sense of security.

The dressage rider is a positive person. She likes to meet up with friends in her free time and loves to chill by the lake in the summer. Julia recently acquired a bathing prostheses so that she can enjoy the water. However, when she swims, she pulls off the prostheses.

Julia’s story

With perseverance and ambition to reach your goal


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