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What is an orthosis?

An orthosis compensates for physical deficits, supports joints and protects them from relapse and misalignment.

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Ring-shaped foot socket

Talus repositioning ring orthosis (TRRO)

The concept of the TR ring orthosis was developed in 1994 by Dr. Monique Baise (OKKA) and Kurt Pohlig. The ring-shaped foot socket provides significant advantages for complex malpositions of the lower extremities. For example, it ensures that the foot is held more reliably in the orthosis.We also use the ring-shaped foot socket successfully for lower and upper leg-length orthoses.

The TR ring orthosis (TRRO) has been continuously improved over the years. Today, we can exclusively offer an orthosis for the foot with a high success rate if indicated correctly. The TRRO is patent-protected and can be identified as the basis for many orthotic developments in our company.

When is the TRRO used?

The TR ring orthosis was originally developed for the treatment of spastic skewfoot. In the meantime, however, it has also been successfully used for other foot malpositions – both in children and adults. It can be used for all reversible spastic flat valgus feet.

We also recommend the TRRO for painful pseudoarthroses or arthroses in the lower ankle joint and Chopart’s joint. Another consideration concerns prophylaxis during sporting activities to protect joints and ligaments.

Small but mighty!

Benefits of TRRO

The TRRO treatment is very highly accepted by its users. Many report an improved feeling of stability when walking – with unlimited mobility. Existing foot pain is significantly reduced or disappears completely.

A major advantage of the TRRO: The misalignment is corrected without restricting the function. The mobility of the upper ankle joint remains unaffected and physiological rolling of the foot is guaranteed. The receptors in the upper ankle joint receive adequate stimulation due to the restored normal anatomical conditions. This makes it easier to straighten your body and improve your gait. As the lower leg is not constricted and is therefore completely free, your muscles can develop unhindered.

The low weight of the TR ring orthosis also has a beneficial effect on walking. Additional shoe fittings are no longer necessary. In everyday life, the TRRO can be worn inconspicuously in the shoe.

Experience from recent years has shown that treatment with a TR ring orthosis is a serious alternative to surgical correction. The biggest advantage over operative fusion is that the TRRO stabilizes the hindfoot in its correction position without blocking the joints. Despite this external stabilization, they can move to their physiological extent. As such, the TR ring orthosis is based on the minimal treatment principle.


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