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What is an orthosis?

An orthosis compensates for physical deficits, supports joints and protects them from relapses and malpositions.

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Flexibly adaptable

Lower leg orthosis

The lower leg orthosis is tailored to your specific requirements down to the last detail. It has a rigid annular socket of the hindfoot to stabilize the lower ankle joint in an anatomically axis-aligned position and protect it against misalignment. At the same time, the heel is reliably held in the orthosis and secured against to prevent it from slipping up.

A leather-lined inner shoe (soft-wall liner) ensures pressure-free and comfortable foot support. The foot section is connected to the lower leg section using a special adaptation technique. Adjustable metal joints prevent movement into misalignment and allow movement into correction. Once the correction has been made, the joints can be readjusted to increase the corrective effect.

The orthosis is usually worn for 23 hours a day for a medically defined period of time. In order to protect the skin from moisture penetration, two inner shoes are used for a combined day/night treatment. Additional night-time care, such as traditional orthotic therapy, is not necessary with this system and promotes the responsible handling of the limited resources in the healthcare system.

Since in most cases there are also misalignments between the anatomically correct knee axis and the foot axis (due to incorrect rotation), the orthosis extends laterally to beyond the knee joint in this case in order to also influence these misalignments.

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High success rate with lower leg orthosis

How we treat spastic drop foot

With drop foot, the foot is permanently in extension, which is accompanied by a heightened heel. Dynamic drop foot is one of the most common motor impairments in children with infantile cerebral palsy.

With the lower leg orthosis, we can exclusively offer an orthopedic aid that can demonstrate a high success rate in the treatment of spastic drop foot if the indication is correct.

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