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What is an orthosis?

An orthosis compensates for physical deficits, supports joints and protects them from relapse and misalignment.

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Club foot correction


Initially, the calcaneus rotation ring orthosis (CRRO) was designed for correction of the spastic club foot. In the meantime, however, the CRRO can also be successfully used for other club foot malpositions.

In simple terms, the heel of the spastic club foot is bent laterally. The inner foot edge of the forefoot rises while the outer foot is lowered. Due to the malformation of the feet, the entire motor function is impaired and the gait pattern is extremely unstable. In addition, those affected often stumble due to the inwardly turned toes.

Because the foot socket of the CRRO is ring-shaped, rotational movement is required when putting on the orthosis. This ensures that the calcaneus (the heel bone) is returned to its correct position, thus correcting the forefoot deformity.


Numerous advantages

No limitation of function

If the spastic club foot is operated on, several joints must be stiffened, which makes active foot rolling impossible. The treatment with a CR ring orthosis is a very good alternative to surgical correction, as it guarantees maximum joint movement of the joints that are not pathologically affected. This maintains the rolling of the foot and corrects the club foot deformity without restricting its function.

Treatment with a CR ring orthosis has been successfully used in our company for decades and is widely accepted, especially by children. The improved feeling of stability when walking, better posture and the increase in walking distances are particularly noteworthy of the numerous advantages. Last but not least CRRO also positively influences the internal rotation of the thigh caused by the club foot.

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