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Corona measures

As part of the essential critical infrastructure serving the healthcare system, we can ensure that you receive all the necessary care from us, even during these difficult times. The following page summarizes all the important rules that must be observed when you visit us.

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New professional publication: Habitual toe gait – initial results of a therapy with lower leg orthoses

Special publication from: ORTHOPÄDIE TECHNIK 11/20 –
Verlag Orthopädie-Technik,

Authors: N. Berger, M. Salzmann, P. Prodinger, A. Hapfelmeier, M. Bauer

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We’re here for you – now online too!

We offer online consultations and assessments with orthopedic technicians and physicians to reduce the risk of infection and to protect our patients and staff as well as possible.

If your device needs to be repaired, you are welcome to send it back to us by post after consulting us first. We will take care of the repair and then send it back to you.

First we simulate the tool – then we make it

Correction simulation with SimBrace®

SimBrace®: Korrektursimulation einer Orthese ohne Gipsabdruck | © Pohlig GmbH

SimBrace® is an innovative process that allows you to verify the corrective function of the orthosis before it is manufactured for the patient. Thanks to modern scanning technology, we can dispense with the usually unpleasant plaster cast, such as that in corset manufacturing.

Proven concepts reimagined!


3D printing is increasingly being used in technical orthopedics. Using this process, orthoses can first be digitally designed and then constructed in layers. The new orthoses are manufactured

in our 3D printing center in Traunstein.

Now also available as PRINTORTHESE®


Unterschenke-Fuß-Orthese | © Pohlig GmbH
The new AFO

The advantages of a printed ankle-foot orthosis compared to a conventional polypropylene orthosis are its low weight, thin-walled, durable surface and aesthetic design.

Pohlig-Hüft-Abduktions-Orthese | © Pohlig GmbH
The new PHAO

In cooperation with the Aschau Children’s Clinic, we developed a dynamic abduction orthosis that enables restful sleep. The PHAO (Pohlig Hip Abduction Orthosis) keeps the hips in the necessary medical abduction position, but only restricts the mobility of hip and knee joints as much as is absolutely necessary.