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What is C-Brace®?

With this intelligent orthotic system, you can walk independently even if your knee extensor muscles are paralysed. 

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Computer-controlled orthosis system

The C-Brace®

Do you suffer from complete or incomplete paralysis of your knee musculature? Then the computer-controlled C-Brace® leg orthosis can provide you with a completely new freedom of movement!

Bending your leg under load, such as when sitting down, is made possible again with this intelligent orthosis system. The C-Brace® can also be used on inclines, uneven terrain or stairs. The orthosis system automatically detects which phase of walking you are currently in. It can regulate hydraulic resistances and control knee flexion and extension.

Your orthopedic technician can adjust individual system settings digitally via an app. As a user, you can also use your smartphone to switch between functions, for example switching to cycling mode.

The C-Brace® orthosis system has been specially developed for users whose legs are paralysed – whether for stroke patients, people suffering from pediatric paralysis (poliomyelitis) or people suffering from incomplete spinal paraplegia after an accident.

The sensors integrated in the joint determine where the leg is currently located and in which direction it will move.

They convert the entire movement data (acceleration, knee angle, etc.) into a model that is processed in the microprocessor. Depending on what the user wants to do, the built-in hydraulics switch to the correct resistance. In this way, it takes on the task of the thigh muscle. Whether walking on stairs, accelerating, slowing down or sitting down, the joint knows what to do before the user actually moves.

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C-Brace® test treatment

The intelligent orthotic system reacts in real time to any situation you are in and reliably monitors the standing and swing phases. Thanks to the integrated microprocessor, walking becomes a normal activity once again. And since each orthosis is custom-made for the user, we can guarantee maximum stability.

As part of our free C-Brace® test weeks, you can now try out the brand new orthosis system at all Pohlig branches with no obligation. An interdisciplinary team of specialists, C-Brace® certified orthopedic technicians and physiotherapists is on hand to advise you.

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