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    Patient stories
    Nathanael – dysmelia in all four extremities

Treatment with orthoprostheses and everyday aids

They had not expected it and were completely unprepared for this outcome: Until his birth, Nathanael’s parents thought that they would deliver a healthy child. When their first-born son was born, they were shocked: Nathanael has dysmelia that affects all four limbs.

The chipper four year-old is an incredibly positive child. He is open-minded and knows exactly what he wants from his care. Nathanael is always patient when it comes to time-consuming and extensive fitting sessions. In the meantime, he has gained a little sibling and touchingly cares for the new addition to the family. Nathanael’s parents and our technicians work very well together.



The aids provided to Nathanael are a beautiful example of cross-site care. Both at the Munich office and at the POHLIG headquarters in Traunstein, our physiotherapists and orthopaedics technicians make every effort to support the young patient on his way to a self-determined life.

Nathanael’s assistive device provision at a glance:

  • Aids for verticalisation from approx. 1 year
  • Positioning orthoprostheses for correct positioning of the left leg

  • Orthoprostheses, in which knee joints were gradually integrated

  • Stub treatments (almost the “outer shoes” under the prostheses) for the home and kindergarten

  • Eating aid and steering aid for pushing the doll’s pram and for steering the tricycle

  • At the moment, a swimming aid is being planned.


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What is an functional aid?

An individual hand or arm tool that makes it easier for you to perform a specific activity (e.g. eating, cycling, etc.).

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We train you in the everyday use of your orthotic device.

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Nathanael is quite agile

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