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    Patient stories
    Marlene – top athlete with prosthesis

Amputation due to tibial aplasia

Marlene jumps through life

Marlene is born with tibial aplasia. In this rare disease, the shin is absent and the lower leg is severely deformed. Because Marlene’s gait is so bad, when she is seven years old, her parents decide to have her right lower leg amputated at Aschau Children’s Clinic.

The amputation goes very well and Marlene quickly learns to walk with her new prosthetic leg. But getting from A to B isn't enough for Marlene. The elementary school pupil wants to do everything she feels like doing: climbing, swimming, diving, riding. We’ve been with Marlene since she was born, taking the little super-athlete seriously and adapting various prostheses to her – including a bathing prosthesis, with which she can swim and jump into the water without any problems.

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What is a bathing prosthesis?

A bathing prosthesis is suitable for use in damp rooms, wet rooms, baths and swimming.

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What is a femoral prosthesis?

This prosthesis consists of a shaft, knee joint, lower leg and foot part.

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Waiting room meeting

Marlene shows us her roller skate tricks

Last summer we meet Marlene in our waiting room. She proudly shows us her new roller skates, which she received for Christmas, and is speeding through the aisles. Marlene spins pirouettes and does a lot of small tricks. If she didn't wear shorts, you would never think she was wearing a prosthesis!