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    Femoral prosthesis
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Femoral prosthesis

This prosthesis consists of a shaft, knee joint, lower leg and foot part.

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We train you in the daily use of your femoral prosthesis.

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Active, painless, comfortable

Femoral prosthesis with PBSS shaft

If the femur is cut above the knee joint as part of an amputation, a femoral prosthesis is used. It consists of a shaft that includes the stump, a knee joint, a lower leg part and a foot part. If desired, the prosthesis can be cosmetically clad.

As a direct link between humans and prosthesis technology, the shaft system plays the central role in prosthesis treatment. Because traditional shaft solutions couldn't satisfy us, we’ve created a shaft with unprecedented precision and fit: The Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS). This innovative shaft system allows the user to handle various everyday situations more actively, painlessly and comfortably than with previous shaft systems.

The Pohlig Bionic Socket System (PBSS)

The innovative PBSS shaft system enables the user to cope with different everyday situations more actively, painlessly and comfortably than with previous shaft systems.

After a medical study carried out in cooperation with POHLIG, in some cases existing pain with a PBSS prosthesis shaft could be significantly reduced. Phantom pain has also been positively influenced in many cases.

Also, additional functional units (add-ons) allow the PBSS shaft to be more specifically adapted to the user’s specific needs.

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