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What is a pigeon chest orthosis?

Pigeon chest orthosis is an aid to correct a ribcage deformity known as pigeon chest.

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Correction by pressure point

What is a pigeon chest orthosis?

A pigeon chest orthosis (also known as a brace) is an aid to correct the ribcage deformity known as pigeon chest. As part of a so-called chest compression therapy, the orthosis exerts slight pressure on the chest, such that the deformity is corrected using natural growth. Similar to orthodontic tooth correction, the orthosis continuously pushes back the sternum.

Wear comfort and wearing time

Thanks to its low weight, the pigeon chest orthosis is comfortable to wear. The pad can be removed for washing. The narrow shape of the orthosis also allows the device to be worn discreetly under clothing,

and if you have worn the pigeon chest orthosis regularly for some time, the pressure on the front pad can be easily increased. The treatment result can be almost perfect if the pigeon chest orthosis is continuously worn over a period of several months to years. The exact wearing time will be determined by your doctor. Ideally, the pigeon chest orthosis is used 23 hours a day.

Kielbrustorthese | © Pohlig GmbH
Kielbrustorthese | © Pohlig GmbH

Who will cover the costs?

The consultation we offer is free of charge.

If you decide to treat with a pigeon chest orthosis and are insured by public insurance, we will apply to the health insurance fund and request an assumption of costs. To do this, we need the prescription from your doctor. After approval by the health insurance fund, we will contact you and begin with treatment.

If you are privately insured, we will send you a cost estimate. You can submit this together with the prescription to your private health insurance company to apply for reimbursement of the pigeon chest orthosis. As soon as you want to start the treatment, make an appointment with us.