Tibial pseudarthrosis | Without an orthosis, Hannah’s leg would break
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    Hannah – Taekwondo with tibial pseudarthrosis

She wears her treatment day and night.

Without an orthosis, Hannah’s leg would break.

Hannah is a tiny tornado and always on the move. At school, she mostly enjoys the longer recess breaks so she can play superheroes with her best friend. The 8-year-old also loves swimming lessons. When she jumps off the 3-meter board, her teachers make waves at the bottom of the swimming pool so that Hannah doesn't hit so hard with her bathing orthosis.

Hannah has type 1 neurofibromatosis – also known as Recklinghausen’s disease. This is a chronic nerve disease with many faces. In Hannah, the disease manifests itself in a tibial pseudoarthrosis, meaning a thinned out shinbone on the right side. Her narrow lower leg must be protected and supported by an orthosis. Because of the disease, Hannah’s bone is extremely porous and much more unstable than in a healthy child. Hannah couldn't run at all without an orthosis. Her leg would probably break if she tried to. That’s why she wears her orthosis day and night. Hannah doesn’t know the difference, after all, since she has been living with an orthosis since she was eleven months old. The aid belongs to her alone. And she always makes sure that everything is in place.

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Hannah’s parents came across POHLIG and the children’s hospital in Aschau via the Internet in the search of orthotic treatment. According to Hannah’s mother, the decision to go to POHLIG was just the right one. She is very satisfied with the close cooperation between the children’s clinic and POHLIG. She is most fascinated by the great commitment of the employees and their passion for supporting the children patients.

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Hannah is learning to play the harp in her free time and visits Taekwondo class together with her big sister Marie. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, explains Hannah, with different disciplines. She mostly enjoys the hyeongs (prescribed movement sequences) and the fracture test (the destruction of boards or other materials using special techniques). She proudly shows us what she has learned so far. In an emergency, Hannah could defend herself very well – everyone is convinced of this! In any case, her leaps and targeted hits are great for her young age!

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This device compensates for physical deficits, supports joints and protects them from relapses and misalignment.

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