Health Product Shop / Comprehensive medical offer characterised by modern and updated measuring techniques and a “top-fit” assortment with a view to wellbeing.

According to the motto "Health – Fitness – Wellbeing", the POHLIG health product shop offers a huge range of products for therapy and care. Venous diseases rank first among the diseases affecting humankind. POHLIG adopts the most modern measuring techniques to analyse problems with veins, such as, for example, optometric measurement of the legs and the recording of the values of the blood flow in the veins. The information obtained serves to define the therapeutic benefit of auxiliary methods such as, for example, compression stockings. A comparison between data obtained over a period of several months enables any increase or reduction in volume to be verified. The recorded results are provided to the doctor in charge, who can thus form an opinion and make a decision on the next therapeutic steps to be taken.

Furthermore, the patients themselves have the option of trying out the various types of therapeutic equipment before making a final decision. This applies particularly to devices assisting free circulation of blood in the veins, instruments that measure blood pressure or glucose levels, massage equipment or wrist counters able to record sports performance.

And this is not all! Sophisticated bandaging for almost all the main articulation of the human body helps to avoid injuries, encourages healing and remedies pain. And all this with no side effects. Consult the competent team at the POHLIG medical products shop.

When dealing with health, it is essential not only to react, but also to act, by using prevention measures. POHLIG’s experts, in fact, take a preventive approach. For health, fitness and wellbeing, POHLIG has created a huge range of products and articles. Come and try them out!